About the Cão Grande Marketplace

CÃO GRANDE MARKETPLACE is an online platform by the Eventur Lda Group that brings together local travel and tourism providers, such as hotels, lodges, tour agencies, transport companies and more, to offer visitors a wide range of travel options in São Tomé and Principe. The goal is to make travel reservation to the São Tomé and Principe destination easy, convenient and accessible for travelers, while also encouraging local tourism development.

Our Vision

To be the leading platform in São Tomé and Principe for travel reservations, accommodation and tourist activities, offering a wide range of travel and tourism options and making their reservation easy and accessible for all.

Our Mission

Connect travelers with the best travel and tourism providers in São Tomé and Principe, encouraging local tourism development and helping to promote the destination as an attractive travel location. Offer a user-friendly, secure and accessible platform for booking travels and tourist activities, ensuring customers a satisfying and unforgettable travel experience.

What our clients say

"I visit São Tomé and Principe regularly for business, since I live in Angola. I know the islands very well and CÃO GRANDE is an excellent platform to find all my needs at a good price".

António Patrício

Customers in Angola

"I am very impressed with your service. It is easy to use and has an extensive list of hotels and activities to choose from. I will definitely recommend CÃO GRANDE to my family and friends".

Armando Santos

Customers in Portugal

"We wanted to offer great holiday options to our customers, but we knew that was a task too big for us. We decided to go to BIG DOG because they had a great offer and were the perfect partner for it".

Evellyn Klaus

Customers in Deutschland

“CAO GRANDE is a great tool. It was amazing to find the right hotel for me in São Tomé and Principe immediately.”

Peter Robertson

Customers in UK

Meet our team

Mirian DAIO

Founder & CEO

Wander PIRES

Product Manager

Claudia SANTOS

Product Manager

Stedmam D'ALVA

Customer Manager